Education Programs

Accelerated Reader Program

The Renaissance Place/Accelerated Reader Program encourages our students to read! After a student reads an Accelerated Reader book, he or she takes a test about it on the computer. Points are then awarded, depending on the student's score. In the second semester, students are allowed to exchange points for prizes donated by parents and purchased with funds from the school and the P.T.O. All donations are welcomed with great appreciation! Student achievements are displayed outside the cafeteria. Students are encouraged by their school librarian, Mrs. Walker, to read books on their reading level. She is always happy to help them achieve their potential. Any questions regarding the program should be addressed to Mrs. Stephanie Walker.


Grades K - 5 have art class one day a week.


All classrooms have computers for students use. In addition, a fully networked computer lab is also available, for classes to attend once a week. Grades K - 5 come to the computer lab once week.


Creative Resources for Exceptional Academic and Talented Endeavors is a program designed for students identified as generally intellectually gifted, using the following criteria: achievement scores, ability test scores, teacher assessments, semester grades and products. It is designed for students who are task-committed, willing to accept responsibility, and enjoy challenge. Students meet with the resource teacher twice a week for forty-five minute classes. The classes are planned to promote the creative exploration of various topics, with emphasis on creative and critical thinking skills.


Drug Awareness Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) is a program for 5th Grade students. The D.A.R.E. Officer, a member of the Colonial Heights Police Department, teaches the course.

Guidance Counselor

A full-time counselor serves the students, parents, and staff.

Library/Media Center

Grades K - 5 have library once a week. The librarian teaches library skills and gives students time to select their own reading material. The library is also open in the mornings for students to select materials.

Literacy Extension

Each class, grades K-5, meets with the Literacy Extension teacher once each week for instruction in Writing and Reading. Activities are designed to correlate with each grade level's curriculum map and Standards of Learning. Literacy Extension provides an opportunity for learners to explore new books, participate in literacy activities, and enhance their writing skills.


Students in grades K - 3 have one general music class per week. Keyboarding Experience for Every Student (KEES) is taught to 4th and 5th grade students once a week. In KEES, student learn beginning piano skills.

Physical Education

All students receive instruction in physical education from a qualified instructor and assistant. All grades attend P.E. each school day.

Reach for Reading

North Elementary offers a special program called Reach for Reading that is designed to assist students who need a little extra help in reading. Students in grades 1 and 2 practice reading and writing skills. The emphasis for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students is not only on reading and writing skills, but, also geography, comprehension, and poetry. Trained tutors work individually with students for 30 minutes daily during a 10 week session. North is always looking for community and/or parent volunteers to help. Please contact Mrs. Christy Simmons at North for more information or to volunteer your time.

Special Education

Many special education programs exist to help students. They include speech, occupational therapy, physical therapy, vision and hearing programs, and learning disabled programs.


Students Organized to Develop Attitudes (S.O.D.A.) is a program for 4th grade students taught by juniors and seniors from Colonial Heights High School. These classes meet once every two weeks.

Title I

Title I is a federally funded program that is designed to assist children who need help in reading. Students in Kindergarten focus on phonemic awareness and alphabet skills. Students in Grades 1-5 practice reading and writing skills.

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